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  Workshops for ages : 5-13  
  Workshop Location : Ved Mandir, 1 Ved Mandir Drive, Milltown, NJ 08850  
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Workshop/Date/Time Festival Details
Janmashtami Jhankis
Saturday August 28
10am – 1pm
On a stormy night was born a child, Krishna, who led to Kamsa’s fall,
His amazing feats and childhood pranks stole the hearts of all.
“Janmashtami” is when we celebrate his birthday,
A wonderful day to rejoice and play.

Use your imagination; bring out your creativity, talent and all,
How you make a Krishna diorama will be your call.
Make a traditional “jhanki” with friends and family today,
Enjoy, explore India with us and tell the Krishna story your way!
Ganesh Chaturthi
Saturday September 11
10am – 1pm
A little boy created by Parvati, Ganesh was his name,
His stand against Shiva’s army, responsible for his fame.
Learn to recite shlokas, find out how he got his elephant head,
the symbolism of Ganesh and the Shiva Ganas he led.

Join us to celebrate his birthday and make a Ganesh out of clay,
Listen to the stories of little Ganesh and enjoy his wit, charm and play.
Make a beautiful “chatri” under which he can sit,
Along with his mouse, “laddoos,” and a beautiful lamp lit.
Navratri and Durga Pooja
Saturday October 9
10am – 1pm
Nine days of celebration, nine days of fun,
Come and celebrate Maa Durga, bright like the sun.
The force of Mother Nature filling people with hope,
Her dynamic energy always giving the power to cope.

The sound of music and dandiya clicks fill the air,
Swirling ghagras and bright-colored kurtas, let’s rejoice at the Fair.
Come, learn how to dance, make beautiful alpanas and more,
Celebrate the awe-inspiring Maa Durga and listen to her folklore.
Sunday October 17
10am – 1pm
The famous ancient epic “Ramayana” narrates King Rama’s story,
Loved by the people of Ayodhya, who always sang his glory.
He lived in the forest for 14 years, determined to keep his father’s word,
His bravery and kindness during this exile are still remembered.

An epic battle he fought with brother Laxman on his side,
The story of Hanuman’s loyalty and the brave monkeys spread far and wide.
They rescued Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana, Lanka’s king,
And so on Dussehara, the day he killed Ravana, his praises we sing.
Saturday October 30
10am – 1pm
Ram, Sita and Laxman sit in the Pushpak vimaan ready to fly,
“Ram and Sita will arrive soon” came the message from Hanuman, who flew in the sky.
Bharat and the queens cried in joy, and everyone in Ayodhya was full of delight,
People gathered from all over the countryside to see the wonderful sight.

King Ram, Sita and Laxman returned to their kingdom on Diwali day,
The people of Ayodhya lit the path with lamps to show them the way.
So let’s get ready for the homecoming of Rama, a time to rejoice and have fun,
Clean your home, make a rangoli and hang a toran to celebrate a moment so awesome!
  • To register call 732-645-2274 or fill out the registration form
  • Cost: $25 per child/per workshop (includes all craft supplies and handouts); sibling discount 10%
  • Mail check and completed registration form to: Enjoy Explore India, P.O. Box 7568, North Brunswick, NJ 08902